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Pictures of Place where Ghazwa-e-Badar was fought.

Pictures of Place where Ghazwa-e-Badar was fought (Subhan Allah)

On 17th Ramadan Year 2nd of Hejra, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) came to BADER from MADINA

With around 300 of his Followers from the way shows in picture (Red Arrow).

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Camp with his Army in this Area and The Hill in the Picture is Called (Odoat Al Dunea)

mention in Quran :

(قال الله تعالى: )إذ أنتم بالعدوة الدنيا ....

Right Arrow Shows (Al Odoat Al Dunea) and on versant of it Muslims Camp, Middle Arrow Shows

the way which ABO SOFEAN Convoy pass all the way through and Left Arrow Shows Malaeka mountain

(where JEBREAL and MEKAEAL sent By ALLAH with 1000 Of Malaeka to help Muslims Army against Unbelievers. )

The Arrow Shows the Moshreken (Unbelievers) Base Camp called in Quran as (Al Odoat Al Qoswa) and there army were 950 men.

This is where Muslims Army moved to where BADER WELL was at the back of them.

A different picture angle of (Al Odoat Al Dunea) and Malaeka Mountain and the new camp area where Muslims moved to.

ALARESH MASJID was built in the place where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) built a Hut as suggested by SAAD BIN MOAD.


ALARESH MASJID from inside

ALARESH MASJID from inside, the place where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) supplicate ALLAH to make

the victory for Muslims, and ALLAH THE MIGHTY grant them the victory with the support of Malaeka.

Malaeka Mountain

The names of the 14 martyr from the Followers of Prophet Mohammad where killed on BADER CONQUEST,

13 buried on Bader and the 14th buried on the way between BADER and MEDINA

The Arrow shows the place of the Followers Graves



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